Evolution: CMP Round 5 at Loudon Road Race Series

Loudon Road Race Series Round 5

Friday practice –

Chris Dove Loudon Road Race Series Round 5Real excited to get back at it. Drove up Thursday, got unpacked and settled in for a fun weekend of racing.  Friday practice went off without a hitch. I got reacquainted with the CMP GSXR600 and was feeling like 17’s were coming this weekend. Nice day of practice led into an evening of bench racing and grilling in the comfort of club CMP.

Saturday, race 5 – HW Supersport – GSXR600 (7th) (19.7)

After hulk smashing myself into the asphalt last round, my only goal for this race was to get back on and finish. I was a little softer on the brakes and throttle out of principle. Uneventful race, both rider and bike returned to the garage in one piece – mission accomplished.

Saturday night –

Chris Dov Round 5-3This round we welcomed #508 Savvas (Sav) Kosmidis to CMP racing. Sav joins us with large goals and a great attitude. Just the kind of guy we like around the CMP garage. With every Sav, 1 free Panos (friend of Sav) is thrown in at no additional cost. In CMP tradition, Tanya and I took Sav (and Panos, last time I mention – just assume he’s there) out to dinner. Sav ran through a 30oz porterhouse like it was a joke. Welcome Sav, bike looks great and we’re excited to have you onboard.

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Expect the Unexpected: CMP Round 5 at Loudon Road Race Series

Expect the Unexpected LRRS Round 5 Crash

LRRS Round 5 — August 15-16, 2015

I went into Round 5 with a lot of excitement and a lot to look forward to. Since Round 4, I had committed myself to getting more seat time on my dirt bike and on the flat track, I was ready for the work (and fun!) to start paying dividends. I arrived Friday around lunch time to find Chris Dove #123 and new teammate #508 Savvas Kosmidis enjoying their practice day thoroughly. Savvas’s bike had just returned from TSS Graphics and looked absolutely amazing! Seems like everything TSS touches right now turns to gold! After unloading and setting up, we all enjoyed a nice relaxing evening at Club CMP.

Saturday morning starts early for middleweight amateurs. We have first practice group so that means tire warmers on at 7:00 and an unhealthy dose of caffeine to get moving. I went out and had a good practice session, but upon pitting in, I was notified by the track marshal my bike was smoking. After getting the bike into the CMP garage, I discovered it was simply a slow drip out of my oil filter. Unfortunately, the change cost me a bit too much time and I missed second practice session.


I look forward to this race more than anything else in the weekend. The challenge of remaining consistent for 25 minutes of racing is a difficult one that not a lot of riders can achieve. I had a bad start and ended up near the back of the field; however, on the 2nd lap there was a red flag crash that sent us back to pregrid. On my second go around, I got a very nice start and found myself towards the front of the Amateur GTO field. I battled with a lot of different riders and, with about 5 minutes left, I was in 5th and running an excellent race.

-This is where things went south-

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