The Million Dollar Ducati?

Ducati Daytona Superbike Winner

Ducati Daytona Superbike WinnerKnown as the California Hot Rod, this Cycle Magazine Ducati 750SS, a Daytona winner built by Phil Schilling and Cook Neilson, is now up for sale on eBay. Yours for $1 million!

It’s certainly the most important Ducati in America and, really, might be the most important Ducati of all (behind only perhaps Paul Smart’s ’72 Imola winner), since it was the V-twin, this very bike, that really put the Italian company on the map in the US and helped establish the worldwide performance reputation still enjoyed by the company.

And you can own it if you’re willing to hit the Buy It Now button on eBay, provided you’re approved to spend $1 million. All the better if you don’t need any approval. Bidding pushed past $100,000 on the first day, and, as of this writing, it was knocking on $130K.

Is the bike worth it? Well, there is no other Ducati, perhaps no other motorcycle, that was both so successfully campaigned and so thoroughly and expertly developed while also being nearly molecularly documented publicly in the immortal pages of Cycle magazine. How “original” does this bike remain, and what exactly does “original” mean on a racer like this?

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