Evolution: CMP Round 5 at Loudon Road Race Series

Loudon Road Race Series Round 5

Friday practice –

Chris Dove Loudon Road Race Series Round 5Real excited to get back at it. Drove up Thursday, got unpacked and settled in for a fun weekend of racing.  Friday practice went off without a hitch. I got reacquainted with the CMP GSXR600 and was feeling like 17’s were coming this weekend. Nice day of practice led into an evening of bench racing and grilling in the comfort of club CMP.

Saturday, race 5 – HW Supersport – GSXR600 (7th) (19.7)

After hulk smashing myself into the asphalt last round, my only goal for this race was to get back on and finish. I was a little softer on the brakes and throttle out of principle. Uneventful race, both rider and bike returned to the garage in one piece – mission accomplished.

Saturday night –

Chris Dov Round 5-3This round we welcomed #508 Savvas (Sav) Kosmidis to CMP racing. Sav joins us with large goals and a great attitude. Just the kind of guy we like around the CMP garage. With every Sav, 1 free Panos (friend of Sav) is thrown in at no additional cost. In CMP tradition, Tanya and I took Sav (and Panos, last time I mention – just assume he’s there) out to dinner. Sav ran through a 30oz porterhouse like it was a joke. Welcome Sav, bike looks great and we’re excited to have you onboard.

Sunday, race 2 – HW Superbike – GSXR600 (11th) (19.4)

Pretty standard race. Got off the line good, let a couple of the faster guys go in t1 so I didn’t disrupt their battle and spun some good laps. Ran 5 19’s and felt in control of the machine. Each lap on the GSXR is an opportunity for me to learn. Slowly, I’m chipping away at my goals for this season and riding the bike at speed feels more natural every out lap.

Sunday, race 6 – Unlimited Supersport – GSXR600 (7th) (18.4)

I could feel a 17 coming and this was my race. Rider was alert and ready to get after it. Tanya hooked up a sweet turkey sandwich, it was time to rip. My goal this race was to beat Norman (#874). This goal was simply not realistic. Norman had me covered. Once I lost touch with him, it was a lonely race for me. I tried to keep poooshing to stretch my brain and skills. I felt like I was experiencing new things on the bike and came back to the garage to find I ran an 18.4. Getting close, I really w  anted that 17 – probably half the problem. It’s always important to remember you go fastest when you’re relaxed and confident. Pushing harder usually ends up netting me a slower lap time, I occasionally forget these lessons I’ve learned. Made me take pause and be thankful for those that have coached/mentored me along the way. I’m running solo now, but all your teachings are in my head – it’s up to me to apply and grow. This expert season has been my largest challenge in racing to date, more fun than I can articulate.

Final thoughts –

Chris Dove Loudon Road Race Series Round 5CMP racing endured a few difficult challenges during round 5. As a team, we dealt with them and ultimately pushed forward. Duncan will heal up ok and Sav will have a working engine in his 650 again. I was impressed with how they both handled themselves in these moments and am proud to call them teammates. Racing is fun. Racing with friends and supporting each other makes it that much more rewarding. Looking forward to round #6, lots of good brewing.

With great support from Central Mass Powersports, TSS Graphics, Advanced Traction, The Beantown Sound, Kixsports, RaceFuelZ and ChainwheelMoto.com!

Race Report by Chris Dove #123

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