Always Follow your Instincts: Central Mass Powersports Round 4 at Loudon Road Race Series

Chris Dove at Loudon Road Race Series Round 4

Friday practice –

Great day of practice. Clutch on the KTM needs to be replaced, but it’s not shot yet. GSXR needs fresh tires, we’ll sort that out Friday night. KTM tires are going off but should be fine for a race or two on Saturday, we’ll sort that one out Saturday night.

Saturday, race 4 – Super Singles – KTM (7th) (1:22.0)

My only goal this race was to warm up the rider and bike. I planned on taking it easy and getting my focus for the weekend dialed in. Halfway through the race, I started to push a bit and exiting t2 I had a massive rear slide. The rear stepped out to full lock and I found myself pointed at t2’s wall. Stayed on the throttle and it snapped back. We wiggled our way back onto the race line and kept on keeping on. Dialed it back a bit and brought it home in 7th. Biggest slide I’ve saved to date.

Saturday, race 9 – Ultralight Superbike – KTM (dnf)

Duncan (CMP #910) let me off the rear stand for this race and his last words, “dude, your tire is squared – take it easy!” I knew it, he knew it – we all knew it. What I didn’t do was use the experience I have to make a wise decision. My confidence told me I could manage the situation. My plan was to go run around in this race at a mediocre pace and simply finish. Tires were going off and I’d address that later that night. Exiting turn 6 on the first lap, I grabbed the throttle at about 60% of what I normally would. This time I didn’t get a warning. No slide, no wiggles. Instant body slam to my temple/head and left side. Rear slid/stepped and never came back. This is not a reflection of the brand of tires on my bike. This was a mistake and a reminder to stay humble. I unfortunately hit my head hard enough that I felt hopping back on for the dash an hour later was not a wise idea. Minor injuries to my clutch hand helped slow me down as well.

The lesson here is twofold:

  1. As you go faster, your challenges change. Consumables go off sooner, stay proactive.
  2. Stay humble on your motorcycle.

We were signed up for 6 races, only made 2. First weekend I’ve ever had like that in my racing career. Hopefully you can avoid a similar situation by learning from my mistakes.

Final thoughts –

Special mention to Chainwheel Media’s Jack Reggio (N #495), this was Jack’s first race weekend. He looked smooth and fast on the team CMP KTM. Great job, Jack!

Thank you to everyone who checked in on me, helped me load up or just shot a smile my way. It’s all good, we’ll be right back at it next round.

As always – none of this is possible without great support from Central Mass Powersports, TSS Graphics, Advanced Traction, The Beantown Sound, Kixsports and!

Race Report by Chris Dove #123

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