From Honda Grom to a Custom Cafe Racer

Custom Honda Grom

What Makes the Honda Grom a Great Motorcycle?

In a word… FUN.

There is no denying that the Honda Grom is a blast to ride. This small motorcycle is lightweight, but powerful enough for any level of rider to have a lot of fun whipping around on one. At only 125cc’s, it is also much less intimidating to a beginner rider than other models in Honda’s line-up.

2014 Honda Grom

The Grom’s Sporty Exterior Isn’t for Everyone

In 2014, one rider, who had purchased a Honda Grom on a whim, decided not to stick with this motorcycle’s sport bike exterior. He and his roommate, took the bike up 3 flights of stairs to their apartment to transform the Grom. Over the course of the winter, they took it apart, fabricated parts, painted it and re-assembled it in their bathroom; and the finished bike is truly a work of art.

Now transformed from a sport bike to a cafe racer, this Honda Grom has some pretty great modifications. The tank was 100% hand made/fabricated, the seat was sewn by hand and the tank badge was fabricated by a 3D printer.

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Which style do you prefer for the Honda Grom? Sport Bike or Cafe Racer?


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